Have you ever felt, whilst interacting with a patient, or colleague that you would like to go beyond just a superficial conversation?

Or do you know someone with many questions with whom you would like to share your faith? Perhaps you would like to fulfil God’s calling on your life, but you are not quite sure how to!

HCFI strives to inspire and equip Christians serving in healthcare to manifest Jesus Christ in their daily life and work. People, including our patients and colleagues, have a deep need for spiritual wholeness. Well-equipped and prayerful healthcare workers can be used by God to share the love of Christ and bring the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven to our areas of influence.

The Saline Process is a practical training from IHS Global, designed to equip and mobilise Christian healthcare workers as witnesses of the love and reality of Jesus in their place of work by being SALT and LIGHT. The Saline Process Witness Training (SPWT) disciples, trains, and coaches healthcare workers to skilfully and confidently assess where a patient is at in their journey towards faith in Christ. Using the ethical principles of permission, sensitivity and respect, participants are introduced to practical tools that help them to personalise an approach to share the love of Jesus according to each patient’s needs.

Experiential learning methods, such as role play and personal application, are used to explore five main questions:

Why is faith important in healthcare?
What are the opportunities and barriers to fulfilling God’s call?
What is my part?
What tools will help me cultivate and sow?
Where do I go from here?

Email to find out when HCFI Oceania will hold its next Saline Process Witness Training to find answers to these questions or for further information.