Healthcare Christian Fellowship started in 1936 through Christian businessman, Francis Grim while visiting his elderly father in hospital. He saw that physical needs of patients were met, but spiritual needs largely ignored.

Burdened about this need, he began to teach a small group of nurses how to care spiritually for the sick.

From this grew a world-wide movement in more than 100 nations.

Who we are

Healthcare Christian Fellowship Oceania was born in 2002. The work grew little by little through a group of committed Christians in healthcare.

What we do

Equipping care-givers to practice holistic healthcare; Bringing care to those who are medically under-served; Promoting integral community health in both rural and urban situations. Whilst providing healthcare through medical outreaches we are also incorporating evangelism and discipleship training.

Where we serve

Since our establishment in the Oceania Pacific Nations region, we worked with local governments, charities and volunteers in Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and Australia.