Corona Virus COVID-19 Resources Page

HCFO: That healthcare workers may know, show and share Jesus so that their peers and patients may do the same.

COVID-19 Global Overview // Visual Information about COVID-19

Call to Prayer about COVID-19 by Dr Arul Anketell: Please download the document below

What does the Bible say about epidemics? by Dr Peter Saunders

Derek Prince about Living without fear in the last days // Coping with Suffering by Dr Daniel Fountain

British Medical Journal // The Lancet // World Health Organization // Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Global CHE Network // World Evangelical Alliance // Micah Global // Medical Missions

International Christian Medical and Dental Association // Nurses Christian Fellowship International

Trauma Healing Institute // Medical Ambassadors International videos in various languages

Historical overview of plagues and their mortality // World Vision International

Addressing mental health and psychosocial aspects of COVID-19

What about my health?

Do you have a COVID-19 infection? Most common symptoms listed here

Do you need to be tested for COVID-19 infection? Helpful flowchart here